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The patriot community serving and protecting Western values and interests
Lazarus DAO is a global community of patriots for the Western way of life, free of foreign interference from states and other threat actors who seek to subvert it. We act swiftly on credible submissions from our community to defend Western targets of foreign interference by funding promising and impactful campaigns against the threat actors who have or seek to cause harm to Western private interests.

State targets in the West have extensive defensive and counter-offensive options to protect themselves against threat actors and foreign interference. State level capabilities and resources such as the intelligence community, cybersecurity arsenal, sanctions, trade levers and military options provide a clear disincentive for attacks and a clear promise of retaliation in the event of one.

Non-state targets in the West have limited and delayed access to state capabilities and resources and must therefore be self-sufficient in their defense and response to foreign interference & threat actors. Large corporations can afford a reasonable defensive umbrella but do not promise a credible and sustained threat in retaliation to such an attack. The majority of organizations including SMEs, startups and NGOs benefit from no such defense.

Lazarus Defense Treasury

The Lazarus Token, a "Non-Fungible Token", is a collectable digital item whose purchase funds and fuels the activities of Lazarus Defense Treasury. Each NFT grants access to the community to its holders for members-only content, updates and opportunities to have input into decision making. Community members can also review and recommend campaigns to the Lazarus DAO to act upon.

The Lazarus Token governs the Lazarus Defense Treasury: a pool of funds secured by the Lazarus DAO leaders (multi-sig) on behalf of the Lazarus community. This Treasury is used to fund projects which have the potential to protect the Western interests from foreign interference and that also have strong financial prospects of return. The returns come in the form of financial settlements, litigation judgements and asset seizures and serve to grow the Lazarus Defense Treasury for future Lazarus projects. These financial recoveries are also shared with the threat targets to help make them whole for the suffering they have endured.

Priority Lazarus DAO situations

Unprovoked cyber attacks
denial of service, unathorized access, data breach or loss
Malicious financial aggression
debt traps abuse of process, contracts or law
Compromised institutions and enablers
undisclosed foreign ties, influence and interests betraying their nation

Commission Art

We plan to engage an artist and commission art that resonates with our values. For example, art that honors key historic moments and events featuring honorable patriotic leaders.

A news service covering recent important foreign interference developments for the West and its allies that is community supported encompassing research, analysis, insights and news.

Content provided by activists, security researchers, leaks, whistleblowers and the intelligence community.

LazarusNow Discord

A token-gated Discord community for resources to support defensive campaigns to protect non-state targets from foreign interference.

This community venue will allow organisations to:

  • obtain advice who may be exposed in debt-traps, espoisage, ransom
  • explore urgent options including funding if placed under active duress
  • navigate law enforcement and intelligence agencies
  • pursue damages, sanctions and media in redress including litigation funding

Launch Treasury

Following the launch of key digital properties, the Lazarus Defense Treasury will be launched and formalized. Treasury activities will be governed by DAO leaders (multi-sigs) and transparent on the blockchain. The treasury will benefit from all DAO activities, including ForeignInteference and LazarusNow, acreting value to Lazarus Token holders.

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